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Online chat job

Our agency cooperates with a modeling company that owns a dating site called “(ask for the name of the site)”

The site is primarily designed to meet people around the world. Our agency works on hiring girls as chat and video (without sound) animators of the male part of this network.

The site is not pornographic and images must be appropriate. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want on the site or correspond with someone if you don’t want to!

This job only can be done on the computer.
Working hours are flexible, so you choose when and how much you will work, and of course, it depends on how much you will earn.

We pay per minute of correspondence (minutes spent chatting with a person). It is 0.24$ with the camera on and $ 0.12 without the camera on ($ 14.4 / $ 7.2 per hour). You choose how you will work at that moment, with or without a camera but operation without turning on the camera has proven to be very poor, and it is recommended that the camera is always on.

Talking is not enabled even when the camera is on, so the emphasis is on chatting. Basic knowledge of English or quick translation skills is required.

For each image sent in the chat (user must open the picture) you get 0.5$, and for each received inbox message, $ 1.

Only your name is visible on the website, and we practice to put another city just to ensure that no one will find you privately on social networks! At the moment, more than 40 thousand people are registered on the site, so approximately every day on the site is online between 3000-6000 men, mostly from America and Australia, a small number of people are registered from Europe.

To register on the site you need (ask for registration details):

  • Minimum six images that meet quality standards (all slightly newer mobile phones)
  • The short video in which you present yourself, it serves as identification and will not be visible on the site (text for ID video in email)
  • Picture of an ID card or passport document (watch the video at the bottom of the text to see why the site is asking for this information)
  • Completed form – information that will be on your profile

In the video below, you can see a short description of the site, why it is necessary to attach some of your documents, and all the essential information related to the job. In the window below are five different videos that go one after the other, and be sure to check them out.

The system also records how much money you have earned, and payment is made between the 15th and 25th, depending on when we receive the money in our account. So far, they have never paid after the 25th of the month!

We practice sending money via:

  • Paypal
  • WesternUnion or Moneygram

Please search for the name of the site and look up everything about it on the internet to make sure that there is no fraud involved. The site has been employing freelance girls since 1997.

If you are suspicious, you can request your first $ 10 earned now, and we will forward it to you with the western union so that you can be convinced as soon as possible and continue working!



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